This elegantly turned vase displays the intricate grains in African mahogany and eastern maple. We mill eleven blocks at two-and-half degree angles and use a bird's-mouth joiner bit to create a puzzle like connection and initiating a lot of calculating. The increased gluing surface that bird’s-mouth joints provide result in a much stronger construction. Yacht builders use bird’s-mouth joints to construct masts, booms and spars for wooden boats and usually turn them round and smooth, making them lighter weight but also very sturdy. Once our initial eleven blocks are assembled, we true the base and mount it on a one-and-three quarters inch solid sapele base. Then the exciting part, as I love turning, we anchor it on the lathe and begin shaping the jetting staves into elegant smooth lines, marveling at the emerging patterns. This piece began a 6 ¼ Lbs. and I removed 2 ¼ of those, leaving it standing 12 inches tall, 7 ¾ round at the top, weighing in at four solid pounds. We then hand rubbed the satin smooth container with three coats of Howard's natural wood polish and conditioner made of beeswax and orange oil and two coats of Quality Tradition Trewax to keep the natural beauty of these rich wood grains. Enjoy!

Wood vase elegantly turned intricate grains African mahogany and eastern maple.