Embossed Art work. "Cross Wrapped in Oak Leaves" recessed in plush dark green velvet and mounted in a Mahogany & Maple Frame for an unusual effect. This piece was lovingly made with worshiping hands.The fret works cross measures 5' x 10", and the framing face is inlaid with mitered half inch eastern maple and reinforced with maple splines to ensure the joints will never move. Pictures are secured w/ an oak backing, fasteners & glass (14 1/2" x 11 1/2") that are included. Its 4 3/4 lbs. show its sturdy construction. Outside edge is approximately 17" X 13 3/4". Also included are Beehive hangers which accommodates easily hanging your art work absolutely straight. Up to 30 lbs. capacity. This beautiful piece would complement any gathering space, living room, den, bedroom or hallway. When holding our work, people claim they feel the devoted hand craftmanship given to each piece.     

It is God’s art work; we simply frame it for Him.

Framed wall art with scrolled cross with green velvet.