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Cradle ~ Walnut and red oak

Cradle ~ Walnut and red oak

Welcome to Hummingbird Avenue Woodworking! 

Our focus is to build furniture with unique hardwoods and engineered construction for a product built to last generations. The art of enduring furniture has a long history that teaches us how heirlooms emerge from the combination of refined woodworking skills and a love for family. People often collect symbols of the life they’ve lived in order to pass them onto those they love. Their story is held and told by these symbols as they carry meaning through time. Our objective is to help families develop their own story over generations with enduring heirlooms.  

It all began with an invitation. Answering invitation is and will be one of the sweetest of all connections—both parties are connected because they want to be. My son and daughter-in-law invited Karen and I to an opportunity to give to them something of ourselves that they could carry with them throughout the rest of their lives. They asked at the announcement of their pregnancy, “Dad, we would like you to build the crib, and to make it so it will last for ten generations.” In the building of the Crib, we answered my son’s invitation.

By using the natural beauty of hardwoods, we create precious pieces that hold your dearest memories. Our delightful cradles serve in those cherished moments of a child’s first days. They have been shared by entire families for years. The unique Crib design we developed for our kids held strong through three grandchildren and firmly awaits the next generations. We invite you to explore our product design and artistry of various woods. Each piece has a brief explanation of the engineering considerations so you can choose wisely the pieces you want to serve your family for generations.

Ask us about items that can be made in different sizes and wood choices! 

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